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BAMEed is a movement initiated in response to the continual call for intersectionality and diversity in the education sector. All members are volunteers and have committed their time and efforts into creating a tangible support network to equip teachers and leaders with the tools to progress into and through the workforce.


BookLove is curating and showcasing and bringing together the best multicultural content the world of arts has to offer and we're taking it on tour! We at 'Book Love' have made it our mission to change this AND to change the narrative and the Travelling Multicultural Book Carnival is spreading the 'Book Love'. We have created an online shop to bring as much multicultural content and books in to one place.

Our mission is to create a single, standalone, off the grid washing solution that will be affordable, portable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

The planner to assist you with the biggest Project you will ever undertake - LIFE!

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